Premium Brand Electric Bikes

Premium Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

We stock the best electric bikes available on the greenway.

If you are feeling like you might need that extra little help on your greenway adventure, we stock the latest in the top of the range of Kalkhoff’s electrically assisted bikes.  The greenway is a breeze for most people of moderate fitness with its gradual gradients of the the historic railway line.  Electric bikes are popular with people that just want that extra little push on your electric escape!

German built, Kalkhoff are by far the best manufacturer of electric bikes available to the modern cycling market at present.  Kalkhoff bikes range up to 140km, so there will be more than enough assistance to last the day!

These bikes must be pre-booked due to limited stock.  Click HERE to BOOK NOW!  (We require photo id in form of a driving licence or passport for electric bike hire)  We also require a €75 deposit per electric bike, this can be paid upon hire.  

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PRE BOOKING STRONGLY ADVISED! Winter months tend to be quieter and we really do advise booking ahead as the shop may not be open normal hours. We always open for bookings. WE ONLY CHARGE A BOOKING DEPOSIT FOR LARGER GROUPS. Should you need to cancel, please just contact us as soon as you can. Thank you!