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We have two options for Adult Hybrid bikes.

  1. Standard 21 Speed Aluminium Hybrid
  2. Cube Premium Hybrid with Upgraded Gearing & Hydraulic Disc Braking

Rates are outlined below.






Cycling times and distances, based on leisurely paced cycle.

Newport – Achill 31km – Approx 3 – 3.5hours

Newport – Mulranny – 18km – Approx 2 – 2.5hours

Newport – Nevins – 12km – Approx 60 – 80mins


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Option 1. Hire from Newport - Choose shuttle return on the day.

Option 2. 10.30am Drop from Newport to Mulranny or Achill

Option 3. 2pm Drop from Newport to Mulranny or Achill

Option 4. 4pm Drop from Newport to Mulranny or Achill

Please select the date you wish to start your hire on.

You only need to select this date if your hire will be longer than 1 day.

This is the time you want hire to start from.

Please note.  €75 damage deposit required per e bike.

Approx 4-6 yrs

Approx 8-11 yrs

Approx 6-8 yrs

Approx 11-14 yrs

Approx 5-8 yrs

Can only be hired with an adult bike.

If you need to add any other information, please use this space.

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