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The local Newport based bus company (Port Cabs) that operates our shuttle service are doing a humanitarian run using their own busses and funds to bring aid to Poland to support the people caught up in the current crisis in Ukraine. Michael and Mary are bringing people caught up in this unwarranted war back to Ireland, back to safety. They are looking for financial assistance to cover the cost of Ferry Tickets and processing fees on their mission. Any money over and above required will be donated directly to charities like Irish Red Cross operating in the Ukraine, directly helping the people there. Any help, no matter how small will be a huge help. Thank you. There will be a lot of fundraisers for ukraine, please be assured this is as local as it gets, your contribution will make a difference!

Click HERE to donate directly to this local effort. Your help no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.

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We support Ukraine! The bus company that provides our shuttle are doing a bus run out to Poland to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and also to bring people fleeing the war back to safety. If you can please support the effort Newport based Port Cabs are making to help. You will find the link below to support their go fund me campaign. Thank you.