Want to cycle one way? Shuttle Services…

Quite a few people that hire bikes for the greenway, don’t cycle all that much or may not have even been on a bike in years.  To ease the strain, Greenway Bicycle Hire introduced “Shuttle Services”, so you can cycle as little or as much as you like.

When you hire from us, you have a few options available to you…

We are conveniently based in Newport and we include our shuttle services with every hire.  You will get a rebate at the end of your hire provided you don’t confirm or use the shuttle service, meaning, you only pay for the service if you use it or confirm your seat on it.  The greenway between Newport and Achill has proven as the most popular section of the Great Western Greenway and we run our shuttle services back and forth so you can cycle as little or as much as you like.  The rate for Adults is €30 for bike and shuttle service and €15 per child with KIDS GO FREE SHUTTLE.

If you hire in Newport, and cycle back to Newport…

When you hire your bikes in Newport, you will be charged €30 for an Adult Hybrid bike and a shuttle ticket and €15 for a childs bike and shuttle ticket.  We provide a day that remains as flexible as possible to our customers and having quite a lot of experience on the Great Western Greenway, we have found that some people, and a lot of people like to have the option to change their minds.  If you choose not to avail of our shuttle services, you simply bring your bike back to the shop in Newport, and with your tickets you can reclaim €10 on adult tickets.  Kids go free on our shuttle.

Service Times…

Pickup in Achill Sound.

11.30am, 2.40pm & 5pm

Pickup in Mulranny.

11.45am, 3pm & 5.20pm

Drop from Newport to Mulranny or Achill.

10.30am, 2pm & 4pm


For groups, hen or stag parties, team building or corporates if you plan on cycling the entire 42km of the greenway, we can of course start your group at one end and finish you at various points along the way.

If you plan on starting and finishing your cycle at different points on the greenway, contact us and we will do what we can!

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Booking is strongly advised due to covid-19 and limited availability. We are currently exclusively running our shuttle bus service adhering to covid guidelines. Travel will not be permitted without a face covering on the bus.

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